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This website provides the latest news on Pacific Rim and its highly anticipated sequels. Directed again by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim 2 hits theaters April 7th, 2017 and begins filming in August, 2015!

2015-10-12 10:51:17

Guillermo del Toro's 2013 science fiction extrvaganza Pacific Rim may not have amassed as much profit at the box office as product...

2015-10-10 14:40:31

Guillermo del Toro is currently promoting his latest film, the epic gothic romance Crimson Peak; a movie that is very much a showc...

2015-10-10 07:54:12

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro recently joined Twitter, and has made his presence felt with dozens of posts every since he cr...

2015-09-30 11:06:15

Pacific Rim 2, Guillermo del Toro's sequel to his 2013 sci-fi mecha-Kaiju mash-up (codenamed Maelstrom) was originally set to rele...

2015-09-19 14:00:46

Recent reports have suggested that with Legendary now producing both the sequel to last years Godzilla and the forthcoming Kong: S...

2015-09-17 19:10:48

Coming off rumors that Pacific Rim 2 has been delayed indefinitely, Guillermo del Toro told Entertainment Weekly that while it's t...

2015-09-17 05:13:43

Guillermo del Toro's epic 2013 Jaeger vs Kaiju science fiction extravaganza Pacific Rim, while being one of the more original and ...

2015-09-11 08:32:57

A whole year before Gareth Edwards massively successful monster movie Godzilla, Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim attempted to pre-...

2015-07-24 14:46:58

Charlie Hunnam (who stars as Raleigh Becket in Pacific Rim) recently spoke about Pacific Rim 2 and his regrets regarding character...

2015-07-22 10:32:15

Jaegers and Kaiju will once again be visiting the busy city of Toronto, Ontario this Fall to shoot scenes for Pacific Rim 2, the h...

2015-07-12 11:54:16

Fans of Pacific Rim will be pleased to know that the sequel to Guillermo del Toro's Kaiju vs. Mecha blockbuster will begin fi...

2015-06-11 10:48:57

Shatterdome Atlanta is a Pacific Rim fan convention that's celebrating its second year this month and Scified's very own GMan...

2015-06-01 07:48:38

Thanks to our friends at Import Monsters, we have a first look at a brand new Toys R Us exclusive Pacific Rim figure coming from N...

2015-05-19 08:30:09

Images of NECA's upcoming Winged Otachi Pacific Rim Kaiju figure have surfaced online and gives us a very detailed look at wh...

2015-04-23 17:13:57

At CinemaCon today, it was announced that the sequel to 2013's popular Pacific Rim movie, Pacific Rim 2, would be released on...

2015-04-21 13:32:59

Pacific Rim gets bigger and badder with the upcoming 18″ Striker Eureka figure from NECA! This all-new piece arrives at reta...

2015-03-26 14:23:49

Legendary Pictures are giving you the chance to win some truly sweet Pacific Rim merchandise over the next 10 days! Following...

2015-03-25 10:53:47

Joshua Hale Fialkov is about to enter the world of Pacific Rim with a new comic book miniseries coming from Legendary Comics this ...

2015-01-30 13:21:01

Pacific Rim sequel co-screenwriter Zak Penn recenly sat down for an interview with The Mary Sue about a recent documentary he...

2014-11-26 11:01:22

Mexican director Guillermo De Toro loves monsters; be they big or small, evil or benelovent, ugly or strangely beautiful, GDT love...

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